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Question 1:Who are you?

Answer:AUSQI is a jewelry design customs manufacturer.You can send your own design details,or any products links,pictures to us,AND also you can check our products list on our shop AUSQI.COM ,we will get back to you once we see your enquiry. What’s importantly,please keep contacting with us,we look forward to have a good service with you,thank you!


Question 2:What’s your products?

Answer:We offer any products of jewelry customized at factory price,particularly the well-known brands,like tiffany jewlery,cartier jewelry,bulgari jewelry custom,and so on.First,you can check our website,and you can also provide ANY products(any styles&brands&designs) links or pictures you want from other websites or your personal design details to us,we will create it.


Question 3:what’s your products materials ?

Answer:All the products we made are using real solid 18k gold(white gold,rose gold,yellow gold),925 sterling silver,platinum,gemstone and genuine diamonds with GIA certificate .


Question 4:How is your craftsmanship ?

Answer:We have been jewelry design customized since 2003 in China.All the jewelry maker here are skilled,experienced and carefully.TOP craftsmanship we offer,and the products almost the same to the original what you want.


Question 5:How can i get the products’ price ?

Answer:Unlike other jewelers and jewelry stores, each piece of jewelry we produce starts off as a brand new idea.Because of that, it’s difficult to know how much a piece is going to cost without knowing a bit more about the idea or products you have in mind.The easiest way to get an estimate on your piece is to start a consultation with us.Just feel free to contact us,sending your products information to our Facebook,twitter,email,whatsapp,skype or any other software on our “contact us” page.We didn’t display the products and price on our website or our softwares’ pages,because of different materials or sizes (for example:different diamond Color or Clarity with different price and different gold price at different moment )products with different price , thank you for your understand.


Question 6:How to pay for my orders?

Answer:We accept Western Union and Bank Transfer now. You can have a 50% down payment if you make an order over 3000usd ,and we will create your products and make products videos and photos to confirm with you once we finish products making, and then you pay the balance before shipping. For small orders, please do full payment in advance. For very large orders, the payment terms is negotiable.


Question 7:Where will you ship to and what’s the rate?Any promotions ?

Answer:Currently, we ship to worldwide.Please send the shipping method which can reach your detail address to us,DHL is the one shipping method that most clients choosing,because of FREE SHIPPING NOW.


Question 8 :Does all products come with gift ,jewelry boxes and certification ?

Answer:Yes, all the items will come with jewelry boxes made of solid wood and genuine leather. An outer “gift” box is included to protect the jewelry box,and product certification will be put inside the box.


Question 9:Does your products selling to personal buyer,or wholesaler only ?

Answer:Actually many customers from us are personal buyers,they get the top quality products with factory price,and so many of them have come back to buy again.On the other hand,we look forward to cooperate with wholesalers also,and the price will be a bit better.


Question 10: Who will make our products ?

Answer:Our main offices and factory are located at Shenzhen, Guangdong China.Each piece of jewelry is crafted at one of a select group of workshops depending on the unique nature and needs of each request.


Question 11:How do you Design jewelry?

Answer:We have a team of jewelry designers and 3D artists, as well as a team of design consultants. When you start a consultation with us, you’ll be paired up with one of our design consultants who will help you flesh out the details of your design, as well as weigh various options.Once your design consultant has the information they need, they’ll work with our team of artists to produce sketches and renderings of your piece based on the information you’ve given us. You’ll have a chance to review the design and offer feedback and we’ll keep designing until you’re happy.


Question 12 :How should I get my ring/bracelet/bangle/necklace size measured?

If you are ordering over the internet, you will need to go to a jeweler to get measured if you do not already know your ring size. and you can go to our News Center -Size Guide page to know what size your are.The entire jewelry trade buys our tools from the same dozen or so suppliers; gauge rings (the steel rings used to measure a finger) and sizing mandrels (long, conical steel or aluminum sticks a ring is measured on) are made in Germany, Switzerland, India, and China. Unfortunately, there can be a variation of a quarter- to a half-size in what are supposed to be standardized tools. We try to make sure our tools match, but certainly cannot 100%guarantee the match with other goldsmiths and jewelers.


Question 13:Is it safe to order on Ausqi ?

Answer:Yes, it is safe to order from us.We have been in jewelry design made for 16 years,top quality with certification and credit guarantee,and we are looking forward to have a long-term business with you,we would’t like to do one business.


Question 14:Whats the Most Important thing when Buying a Diamond?

Answer:When you go out to buy a sparkling diamond, you must consider 4Cs of diamonds -Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight, as a base for your buying decision. These 4Cs will help you to choose the best diamonds on the same criteria on which jewelers use to select them.We will tell you the 4Cs before you make an order,and certification guarantee.


Question 15:What is a Gemstone?

We have a gemstone article in news center which are talkign about the gemsone. A Gemstone is a mineral or rock, which can be used in jewelry after cutting or faceting and polishing. Gemstones are diverse in their beauty and many gems are available in a stunning variety of colors. After a skilled cutting and polishing of a gem, full color and luster can be seen,certification guaranteed.


Question 16:Is custom jewelry more Expensive?

Answer:NO,We believe the experience of getting some jewelry made just for you should be accessible to everyone. While our jewelry is all custom designed and crafted to exceptionally high standards, we’re able to keep our costs much lower than traditional jewelers who do custom work – not by cutting corners or settling for lower quality, but by finding better ways to do things and no AD costing.

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